About Us

About Baker Steel Targets

Baker Metalworks, Inc. is the premier provider of high quality steel shooting targets in northeast Indiana. 

  • Customer service
  • Strict material vetting processes
  • Knowledge of the product and the use it needs to withstand
  • Relentless testing before bringing products to market
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Core Capabilities

Our expert staff will help ensure that you will receive the following:

  • A product that will 100% meet your needs based on our combined years of knowledge on the subject from firearms and their capabilities, as well as metallurgy and engineering
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the customer service you look for when buying a product that will see years of use from our nation's Military and Law Enforcement personnel, as well as everyday firearms enthusiasts

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We warranty all of our products regardless of whether they are a wear item such as a target, or a welded item such as a mounting bracket or target hanger. We strive to offer the absolute best in class products, as well as a top-notch customer service experience.

Our Delivery Standards

We pride ourselves in our expedient turnaround times, and our secure and robust shipping methods. Whether you order ten targets or ten thousand, we guarantee they will make it to your final destination in perfect condition and ready to use.

Company Information

Registered Company Name: Baker Steel Targets, LLC
DBA: BakerSteelTargets.com
Date of Incorporation: 09/2020
State of Incorporation: Indiana
Corporation Type: Limited Liability Company (LLC)